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BK Catering Meal


Providing Private Chef Services in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Our Mission

We believe that creating the best means starting with the best.  With our 30+ years of culinary experience, we source the freshest, highest quality ingredients at local grocers, farmer's markets and in our own backyard to prepare healthy, wholesome comfort food for each of our private chef services in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

Private Chef

As your private chef, we provide specialty meals prepared in your home for you and family or friends.

meal prep

Take the hassle out of vacation planning with our convenient meal prep options!

Casa Privada

Join us for our special dinner series featuring artists, musicians, and guest chefs.

Our Services

See What People Are Saying about BK Catering

Britt and Kevin are culinary maestros! The variety of dishes they produce is truly impressive, and the flavors are consistently outstanding. Their skill in accommodating various preferences and dietary needs is commendable. Our dining experience at home has been elevated to new heights with their culinary expertise...

THE KHATRIS - Rio Grande, PR

Testimonials of BK Catering
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